Sliding doors

What are sliding doors?

The ASP 75HS sliding door system offers excellent thermal insulation. This product allows you to keep the living space with the door fully open, but also make the sunlight during the day perfectly illuminate your living room thanks to the huge surface of the translucent glass of the sliding door. It is an excellent alternative to patio doors, keeping style and class.

Energy Efficient Aluminium Patio Doors

All our ASP 75HS aluminum sliding door systems use aluminum with thermal insulation. This means that the frames have an insulating layer placed between the frame profiles. Aluminum conducts heat, but with the use of a thermal layer, it is perfectly able to keep heat inside the room, allowing you to save on heating bills.

A wide range to choose from

Our high-quality sliding aluminum glass doors are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. We offer a wide range of technological solutions, we can make various types of structures: 1-door, 2-door, and even 3-door, and for more demanding customers, even a 4-door. With the elegant black, anthracite gray and white aluminum sliding patio doors available, you can give your home a stylish and modern look. Configure your own sliding doors to suit your style and your home.


On sunny days, the sliding door allows plenty of natural sunlight to enter the room thanks to its large viewing area. Thanks to the glass running from the ground to the top of the door frame, it may not be necessary to turn on any lights in the house during the day! This helps to turn your home into an energy-saving zone and lower your monthly utility bills. At the same time, natural light makes your home cozier and inviting.

ASP 75 HS technical description

The ASP HS 75 lift and slide doors   are an interesting alternative to traditional and balcony doors. They allow the use of very large glazing, which after opening does not take up any space. The wing moves parallel to the other wing. This system allows the use of much larger dimensions than in the case of windows or traditional hinged doors. ASP 75 HS  enables the construction of one, two and three-track structures as well as the corner connection of two lift and slide structures.
Thanks to the well-thought-out and functional structure, even large-sized doors can be opened and closed easily. The use of the  ASP 75 HS system  allows to obtain an open space between the fixed part of the building and, for example, a winter garden, and to maintain the individual style and functionality of
each room.
The system is compatible with the  ASP 75 window and door profiles , and is also a perfect combination with the Alu System  WG 100 garden system .
Technical parameters
Filling range
23 – 55.5 mm
Frame depth
170 mm for a 2-track frame, 265 mm for a 3-track frame
The depth of the wings
75 mm
The width of the wings
94.5mm, 105.5mm
The width of the door frames
48 mm for a standard frame, 53.2 mm for a frame with fixed glazing
Additional functions, applications
compatibility with the ASP 75 system, use in winter gardens